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The I-MON USB series is high performing, fast and rugged, and comes with USB interface and software for plug-and-play operation. It is well-suited for both industrial-grade applications and lab-type experiments in combination with a customer selected light source. LabVIEW based software allows customization and simple interfacing with other test equipment. DLL and drivers are provided for further customization.

The I-MON USB is a robust and high-performance series of interrogation monitors made for plug-and-play in combination with a customer-selected light source. The EMC shielded housing and reinforced fiber makes the I-MON highly rugged and well-suited for both industrial applications as well as lab-type experiments.

The I-MON 256/512 USB is our new series based on the I-MON 256/512 OEM, and comes with high-speed USB interface for real-time kHz measurements. The I-MON 256 USB and I-MON 512 USB use the same electrical interface, making it easy to use the same software to control either device.

I-MON 256 / 512 USB

Product Selector’s Guide

ParameterUnitI-MON 256 USBI-MON 512 USBI-MON 512 USB
Max number of sensors377070
Number of pixels256512512
Wavelength fit resolutionPm<0.5<0.5<0.5
Wavelength linearityPm5 (typ)5 (typ)5 (typ)
Max speedHz6,0003,0003,000