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Okolab – Cage – Digital/Manual/Premixed

The microscope enclosure creates a large volume around the microscope in which temperature is controlled by recirculating warm air. It is made of polycarbonate panels and encloses microscope stage, nosepiece and objectives. It doesn’t affect focus stability. All electronics including EMCCDs, spinning disk confocal etc. are left outside of the enclosure avoiding exposure to 37°C.

Okolab – Cage – Digital/Manual/Premixed


  • Temperature range: from 3°C above ambient to 45°C
  • Temperature accuracy on sample: 0.1°C
  • Models for any inverted / upright microscope
  • Sliding doors on the front and side panels allow full and easy access to the microscope
  • Removable front panel with turn-to-open hinges
  • Optional black panels for imaging in dark environment- can be added at any time after purchase
  • An LED light with foot pedal and dimmer allows illumination inside the enclosure
  • Add a Micro – Environmental Chamber for Humidity and CO2 (and / or O2) control: models available for any XY stage and Piezo insert
  • CO2 (and / or O2) levels set with Digital (Bold Line) or Manual Gas Controllers
  • Humidity: Vibration Free Humidity Module or Active Humidity Controller