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Andor iKon-L 936

Andor’s iKon-L 936 is designed with scientific imaging in mind. The 2048 x 2048 array and 13.5 µm pixel pitch combine to deliver a 27.6 x 27.6 mm active image area, TE cooled down to -100°C. The iKon-L offers outstanding resolution, field of view, sensitivity and dynamic range performance. Ultimate sensitivity performance is achieved through combination of > 90% QE (back-illuminated sensor), low noise readout electronics and exceptionally deep TE cooling. The NEW Dual AR deep depletion ‘BEX2-DD’ sensor option provides an unmatched QE profile, offering highest possible QE from UV through to NIR.

iKon-L boasts a proprietary large area 5-stage TE cooler (4-stage optional), enabling cooling of this large area sensor down to an unprecedented -100°C without the aggravation of liquid nitrogen or compressed gas cooling, perfect for the longest of exposure times. Such performance renders this camera ideal for low-light applications such as astronomy or luminescence imaging, with ideal OEM adaptability and support. USB 2.0 connectivity and multi-MHz readout options provide for ease of integration and operation.

  • TE cooling to -100°C
  • Large area 2048 x 2048 sensor
  • 4-speed readout up to 5 MHz
  • Low read noise
  • UltraVac™
  • Broad wavelength coverage – Now available with BR-DD (red/NIR), BEX2-DD (UV-NIR Broadband) and BU2 (UV/blue) sensor options
  • TE cooling to -100°C – Critical for elimination of dark current detection limit
  • Fringe Suppression Technology™ – NIR etaloning greatly reduced (BEX2-DD and BR-DD sensor types)
  • 4-speed readout up to 5 MHz – Slower readout for low noise, faster speeds for dynamic processes and 5 MHz for vizualization mode
  • Ultra low noise readout – Intelligent low-noise electronics offer the most ‘silent’ system noise performance available
  • Large area 2048 x 2048 sensor – Large field of view and high resolution.
  • UltraVac™ – Critical for sustained vacuum integrity and to maintain unequalled cooling and QE performance, year after year
  • Dual output – High Sensitivity output for low-light applications, or High Capacity output for maximum dynamic range
  • Integrated shutter – F-mount (EF optional) with integrated programmable 45 mm shutter
  • Fast Kinetics & Cropped Sensor modes – For fast temporal resolution down to sub-millisecond