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Andor Multi-Wavelength Imaging

Solutions for Simultaneous Capture

Andor’s TuCam is a new generation two-camera adapter for macro or microscopic imaging applications. Available in C- or CSUX-mount, TuCam features include large aperture, exceptional transmission, very low distortion and high precision alignment using kinematic cassettes.

TuCam can be configured for simultaneous imaging from two similar cameras or as a switch between camera models with different imaging capabilities.


TR-IXON-MNT-110 – Mounting feet for iXon Ultra, iXon Life and Neo cameras

TR-ZYLA-MNT-110 – Mounting feet for Zyla cameras

CR-CSUX-MNT-110 – CSUX 110 mm Opt Axis Mount Kit

TR-OLIX-MNT-110 – Mounting feet for Olympus IX71/81

TR-NKTE-MNT-110 – Mounting feet for Nikon TE-2000

TR-NKTI-MNT-110 – Mounting feet for Nikon Eclipse Ti-E

TR-ZSAV-MNT-110 – Mounting feet for Zeiss Axiovert 200 and Zeiss Axio Observer

Wavelength range 400 – 750 nm
Aperture size 22 mm
Transmission > 96%