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Cloudmind CITMS-100- Infrared Thermometry AI System

An AI-enhanced, infrared temperature detection and fever warning system for large-scale body temperature monitoring and rapid detection of human fever, symptomatic of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, SARS, Zika, Ebola, MERS, etc. Applications include fever detection and warning in crowded places, such as transport hubs, hospitals, office buildings, malls, grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, and more

-For Use with Large Crowds
-Easy to Setup & Operation
-Contactless Operation & Scan Range of 6 – 25 ft (2– 8 m)
-Accurate Fever Detection (± 0.3°C); Automatic Warning

-Secure data and customizable privacy controls: option to store locally or via ultra-high security HIPAA compliant cloud for analysis across multiple sites
-Accurate single-point and multi-point high temperature detection of up to 8 individuals simultaneously
-AI Deep learning algorithm based on neural network provides more accurate temperature measurement and lower false warning rate
-The black body source’s real-time temperature calibration avoids interference, provides higher accuracy
-Utilizes high-end 400×300 infrared uncooled Vox detector