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Nikon Microscope Camera Control Unit DS-L3

Versatile and easy-to-use camera control unit provides effortless camera control and microscope operation via mouse or touch panel operation

Nikon’s newest and most versatile microscope camera control unit DS-L3.

The Digital Sight DS-L3 is Nikon’s new stand-alone microscope camera controller. The DS-L3 stand-alone control unit is versatile, easy-to-use and provides effortless camera control and microscope operation via mouse or touch panel operation (finger or stylus).

High-definition Touch Screen Monitor

DS-L3 Touch-screen Monitor
Easy to see and easy to use, the large built-in 8.4″ 1024 x 768 touch-screen monitor allows setting and operation of the camera head at the touch of a finger or stylus.

iPad Application

With the DS-L3 viewer iOS application, images can be easily captured, saved and shared right through the iPad.


  • Immediately display and share live images for remote viewing, distance collaboration, or teaching needs
  • Capture and save images directly on the iPad
  • Effortlessly share captured images through the photo library, via email, or any other sharing options installed on the users iPad
  • Easily display and customize scale bar conditions

The App is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

DS-L3 iPad Application



Intuitive GUI

From image acquisition to setting of shooting parameters, measurement, and export of image data, all operations can be performed easily via touch-screen.

Scene Mode

Scene Mode

Optimal imaging parameters for each sample type and observation method can easily be set through the icons. A choice of five modes for biological imaging and four modes for industrial imaging are available, and up to seven custom modes with freely confi gurable shooting parameters can be set.

Improved Image Processing Performance

Improved Image Performance

The DS-L3 reduces or eliminates diagonal line jaggedness in images and improves color reproduction as well, reducing unevenness in sample colors caused by cameras.

Integration with Microscopes

When used with a microscope equipped with motorized units or state detection units, the microscope motor functions and peripheral equipment can be controlled through the DS-L3, with automatic detection of information such as objective lens magnification

Wide Variety of Analysis Tools

Wide Variety of Analysis Tools

The DS-L3 includes a wide range of tools for annotation, drawing, measurement and calibration.

Controllable via PC

The DS-L3 can be controlled via PC using Nikon’s NIS-Elements software (available separately). The DS-L3 can also be used as is for advanced analysis and image processing.

Network Functions

Network Functions
Images acquired or under observation can be viewed simultaneously on the DS-L3, a projector, a PC monitor, etc. Through split-screen display, simultaneous viewing of an acquired image and a live image is possible, as is upload of images to an FTP server.

Save and Print Functions

Saving to a wide range of media (CF cards, Microdrive, USB memory devices, etc.) is possible, as is network transfer. Direct printing to PictBridge printers is a standard feature. Print scaling can be set and adjusted.