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Widefield Laser Coupler for Nikon Ti2 Microscope

It is a specialized design adapter to couple the multi-mode laser with SMA905 fiber adapter to Nikon newly Ti2 microscope as the widefield illumination.

Areas: Nikon LAPP Main Branch modules

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Rotatable polarizer /analyser for NIKON Microscope

Customized rotatable polarizer/analyzer to be attached to Nikon Ti Microscope.

Areas: Nikon Ti Microscope for reflected light source

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Optical Fourier Transform Adapter

A 4f Fourier adaptor to existing microscope camera port to allow easy viewing of  both sample’s Image and Fourier plane.

Areas: Fourier plane Microscopy

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Angulate Probe Holder

To do an angled measurement with various size reflection probe. Offering angles increment of 10°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°, reflection measurements with differing incident and collection angle can be easily made with multiple , separate fibers for illumination and detection.

All holes equipped with mounting threads to mount the probes or colimator into position. The option ocular window enables visual location of the measurement spot on your sample.

Areas: Spectroscopy

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Transmission / Absorption stage

The Transmission / Absorption / Reflection Stage is the ideal tool to make a easy to do transmission, absorption and reflection measurement. All optical element mounted to a optical rial for easy set up, customizable sample holder for sample in different forms. The beam size can be select from 0.5 inch or 1 inch depends on the measurement surface area.

Areas: Transmission, Reflection, Absorption measurement

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Mulitple PMT system for multi-channel fluorescence detection

Multiple PMT system for multi-channel fluorescence detection
Highly customizable detection system with single or multiple channel, design to mount onto existing microscopy or spectroscopy system. With high sensitive PMT allows quantitive study even for low light application like fluorescence.

Areas: Low light detection

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OEM microscope for DIY set up

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Confocal Flim Scanner – Fluorescence Lifetime Microscope

An open concept Confocal Scanner synchronized for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging.  Labview ready control for the researcher’s to further tailor to their research. Using free-space or fiber lasers including femtosecond lasers to enable multiphoton capability and with multiple options of detectors.

Areas: Multi-Photon Imaging, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging, Confocal Microscope

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Microscope External Illumination adaptor

Microscope External Illumination adaptor for a flexible input of lasers or illumination, or output of signals or images.

Areas: General Microscopy, fluorescence lifetime measurement, etc

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Microscope EPi Fluorescence Slider for Nikon TS100

Microscope epi Fluorescence slider for flexible choice of filters for various wavelength selection without re-alignment. Allows Nikon TS100 to be upgraded to 3 channel fluorescence

Areas: General Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscope

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