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EINST Technology is a Singapore based solution provider focusing on Photonics Technologies for Research and Industrial applications. We offer the latest technology and products in the field of Optical-Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Cameras, Imaging, Light Sources and many others for different applications. Supported by our experienced engineering and service teams, we offer a one-stop shop experience for customer requiring simple components to routine systems to customized solution ranging from retrofitting existing systems to design + build systems based on customer’s requirement. With in-depth technical know-how and strong customer-focus, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for solution pivoting on Photonics with more than a decade of strong track records.  

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April 26 2019
We appreciate all of your submission!

Thank You for participating in EINST Annual Calendar contest 2019.…

December 4 2018
New Product – Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT…

Nanoscribe have just launched The new Photonic Professional GT 2.…

November 22 2018
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Singapore only Andor Dragonfly High-Speed Confocal is available for Demo.…

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