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Bioptechs is an innovative American optical engineering company that develops, and manufacturers live-cell microscopy environmental control systems used for qualitative and or quantitative light microscopy.  Most of our customers are university level researchers engaged in basic science or disease research.  Bioptechs has developed and patented several technologies which are indispensable to todays technological requirements for live-cell microscopy. They include:

› Microaqueduct laminar perfusion in a temperature controlled optical cavity

› A unique symmetric closure mechanism for optical cavities

› Objective thermal regulation devices to eliminate thermal gradients in the specimen area when using high numeric aperture objectives

› A unique hybrid culture dish system specifically designed for live-cell microscopy which utilizes a highly efficient and accurate technology to uniformly maintain the thermal, optical and fluid requirements of cultured cells and tissue.

› A new microscope technology that instantly and continuously corrects the focus of a specimen in the back focal plane of the objective while also correcting spherical aberration without altering the distance from the lens to the specimen so that the scope can function autonomously. It also has the ability to track motile cells in 3D, independent of the coverslip position, or provide continuous focus correction for serpentine scanning applications.  Over more than 23 years Bioptechs’ products have demonstrated their ability to out-perform traditional systems and have become the preferred method of micro-environmental control for researchers worldwide. Bioptechs manufactures more than 150 standardized products, countless custom solutions, and provide customers with a variety of related products and services.

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