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Quantum Northwest

Quantum Northwest provides Peltier-controlled cuvette holders for most common UV/VIS, fluorescence and CD spectrometers. These sample holders may be purchased with new instruments or retrofitted into existing instruments. We also build stand-alone sample holders for laser spectroscopy (including pump-probe experiments and flash photolysis) and for fiber optic spectroscopy. Additionally, we develop prototype spectroscopic instrumentation and instrumentation for pulsed-laser photoacoustics.
A new generation of temperature-controlled cuvette holders for ultraviolet/visible, fluorescence, circular dichroism, light scattering, transient absorption, fiber optics, near infrared, Raman, neutron scattering and photoacoustic spectroscopies. Custom instrumentation is also available. Products include the qpod, qpod 2e, flash 300, cd 250, turret 6, t 2, and t 2×2.
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