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TechnoSpex Pte Ltd

TECHNOSPEX focuses on transforming our technical know-how and decades of practical experience in optics, microscopy and spectroscopy to produce high performing yet cost effective optical systems.

TechnoSpex is a technology solution provider specializing in Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Cameras, Imaging and many others for different industries

Our customers will benefit from our flexible approach towards instrument design and development to solve their needs and requirements. Our products are built around our core beliefs in providing Raman Spectroscopy systems with mapping capability that are 

With that, we are proud to offer our first cost effective and yet high sensitivity uRaman module that integrates seamlessly with most major brands of upright microscopes like Nikon, Leica, Olympus and Carl Zeiss.The system is also avaliable in a complete Raman micro-spectroscopy systems, known as uRaman-Ci which consist of an uRaman module coupled with a Nikon Ci upright research grade microscope.

The uRaman-Ci offers multimodality imaging capabilty such as polarized microscopy, fluroscencemircoscopy, and dark field microscopy together with Raman Spectroscopy. Due to its low cost and small footprint, this system is ideal for customers with space and/or budget constraint without having to sacrifice on sensitivity and performance.

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