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Holoeye Photonics AG

Today, HOLOEYE focuses on the development of adaptive micro-optics and diffractive components for industrial applications. Currently, HOLOEYE’s activities can be divided into three major activities: Diffractive Optical Elements [DOE], active Spatial Light Modulators [SLM] and the distribution of LCOS microdisplays and other Liquid Crystal microdisplays as OEM solution in higher quantities.

Spatial Light Modulators [SLM]

The establishment of the Spatial Light Modulators division of HOLOEYE enabled the development of active, as apposed to passive, DOE technologies through the use of dynamically addressable DOEs. Based on Liquid Crystal microdisplays HOLOEYE has developed active optical components, which can be dynamically addressed to realize any optical component.

Based on both translucent and reflective microdisplays, HOLOEYE’s active Spatial Light Modulators have been utilized in numerous applications ranging from holographic security systems via optical metrology, biophotonics, laser pulse shaping, and even laser material processing. Based on high-resolution reflective microdisplays of the LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology HOLOEYEs SLMs are outstanding in terms of resolution, pixel size, and light efficiency.

HOLOEYE offers a great variety of Spatial Light Modulators with highest resolution and smallest pixel pitch on the market.

Diffractive Optical Elements [DOE]

HOLOEYE designs, develops, and commercializes Diffractive Optical Elements specifically for the fields of technical optics and lasers. HOLOEYE has established a full service design and development technology cycle that provides its customers with a fully integrated closed-loop development process. HOLOEYE’s array of products and services ranges from standard DOE-based diffraction grating development to large-scale complex bilateral joint DOE projects that rely on integrated teams consisting of specialized partners.

HOLOEYEs success is based on its ability to communicate with the customer, evaluated their needs, analyze the problem at hand, and then manufacture a solution using an array of replication technologies at HOLOEYEs disposal. One of the unique advantages of HOLOEYE is its connection with SLM technology, which enables HOLOEYE to simulate the solution prior to manufacturing, which is a service no other solution provider can currently provide.

LCOS Microdisplay Technology

The LCOS microdisplay division is providing manufacturers in the field of technical optics, specifically technical projection, imaging, and display technologies, with LCOS microdisplay-hardware and implementation design services.The primary focus is on Head Mounted Displays (HMD) and Heads Up Display (HUD) applications in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

In addition, this division will focus on customers and projects from the Spatial Light Modulators business unit that convert the ideas they have proven with SLM developer kits to OEM products. Potential markets include, but are not limited to, optical metrology (fringe projection systems), holographic security systems (dynamic data storage), and optical networking applications (optical router).

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