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Nanoscribe – Photonic Professional GT2

3D Microprinting – Straightforward and Versatile as Never Before

New features, new tools, and new processes extend the 3D microprinting capabilities of the Photonic Professional GT2 toward the macroscale, expanding the range of applications. The new 3D printer provides user-friendly solutions for multiple scales: The 3D Microfabrication Solution Sets.

The device combines the precision of two-photon polymerization with a field-proven and straightforward 3D printing workflow for nano-, micro-, and mesoscale structures up to millimeter dimensions. The printers offer a high degree of automation and are used for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography. The Photonic Professional GT2 is the ideal instrument for highest precision 3D printing for a broad range of use cases.

  • High-speed 3D microprinting by galvo technology
  • 3D design freedom with lateral feature sizes down to
    typ. 160 nm
  • Printing area of up to 100 × 100 mm2
  • Optical-quality surfaces
  • Straightforward 3D printing workflow from CAD files import to final parts
  • Diverse range of print materials and substrates
  • Now available: Object print volumes up to dozens of cubic millimeters

Nanoscribe GmbH – Photonic Professional GT2

3D Microfabrication from Nano- to Macroscale

Nanoscribe is market- and technology leader for 3D printers on the nano-, micro-, and mesoscale. The Photonic Professional GT2 systems shift the boundaries of high-resolution additive manufacturing for the fabrication of macroscale structures with millimeter dimensions. The 3D printers combine the technology of two-photon polymerization (2PP) with a regular 3D printing workflow for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography. These devices offer enormous 3D design freedom, submicron feature sizes, and optical-quality surface finishes.

When common additive manufacturing technologies like stereolithography reach their limitations, these 3D printers reveal their full potential, providing a 100-fold higher resolution and smaller features sizes.


Greatest Flexibility

The Photonic Professional GT2 provides solutions that are based on the combination of tailor-made resins, objectives and software settings. With these tools, working with the 3D printer is straightforward. With a powerful, user-friendly software, the systems are ideal for printing polymer objects directly from CAD models and offer highest degree of automation. The one-step process enables the additive fabrication of arbitrary shapes in 3D: steep slopes, sharp edges, smooth surfaces, and even full 3D designs such as freeform optics.


The 3D printed structures are used directly or serve as templates for post-print processes (e.g., ALD, CVD or electroplating) to meet other materials than polymers. 3D printed parts are very suitable as polymer masters for replication, enabling serial production of, e.g., injection molded parts.


Broad Spectrum of Applications

Nanoscribe systems are drivers of innovation for numerous key technologies. More than 1,000 users worldwide benefit from the versatile and easy-to-use 3D printers for a broad spectrum of applications in science and in pioneering industrial manufacturing, e.g.,


Possible production options:

  • Micro Rapid Prototyping
  • Small Series Production
  • Tooling for Replication


Explored fields of applications:

–    Micro-Optics

  • Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs)
  • Integrated Photonics
  • Plasmonics
  • Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials
  • Optical Interconnects
  • Cell Scaffolds
  • Biomedical Engineering

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