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Bristol Instruments

BRISTOL INSTRUMENTS, INC., located near Rochester, NY, was founded in 2005 by three technical and marketing leaders of the now-defunct Burleigh Instruments. Together, this group has over 80 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture, and marketing of lasers and precision test instruments used in basic and applied research, engineering, and production test applications.

The company currently focuses on the scientific, fiber communications, and optical metrology markets. The scientific market consists of researchers at universities, government laboratories, and industry who are involved in fields such as chemistry, physics, and optics. The fiber communications market consists of R&D and manufacturing engineers who need to accurately test WDM components and transmission systems with respect to absolute wavelength. And, the optical metrology market consists of manufacturers that need to precisely measure critical physical dimensions of materials such as specialty plastic films, medical tubing, and ophthalmic products.

The primary technology utilized by Bristol Instruments is optical interferometry. Detailed analysis of interference phenomena, a consequence of the wave properties of light, can result in a variety of precise measurements. In particular, Michelson and Fizeau interferometer-based technologies are employed to develop instruments that provide the reliable accuracy for which Bristol Instruments has become known.

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