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INTERHERENCE – VAHEAT Temperature Control Unit


VAHEAT is a precise temperature control unit for optical microscopes. It combines local heating with direct temperature sensing in the sample volume. This allows for fast and precise temperature adjustment with heating rates up to 100°C/s while maintaining highest temperature precision. Made for investigations of temperature-sensitive processes in life sciences and material research


  • Temperature Stability of 0.01 ºC(rms)
  • Extended temperature range up to 200 ºC
  • Superb Imaging Quality
  • Fast and reliable – made for oil immersions systems
  • 4 Heating Modes
  • Mechanical stability and device compatibility

Control Unit 

The control unit is the interface between you and your sample temperature. It displays the current temperature and allows to easily adjust the temperature by turning a single knob. An USB interface grants remote control and synchronization of the system parameters with your image acquisition. Four heating modes are available to meet your specific needs.


The standard range version is meant for studies up to 105 °C. The maximal heating power of 2500 mW is more than enough to ensure thermalization of up to 600 μL sample volume within a few seconds. This system is optimally suited to study live cells or other temperature sensitive processes with high- and super-resolution microscopes.
  • Heating Power: <2500 mW
  • Max. temperature: 105 °C.
  • Smart Substrates: SmS and SmS-R
  • Applications: High and super resolutions studies


The extended range version is meant for studies up to 200 °C. The maximal heating power of 5000 mW boosts your sample temperature to your desired setpoint even when larger thermal loads are attached. This system is made for investigations using air
spaced microscope objective for studying e.g. phase transitions or diffusional behavior.

  • Heating Power: <5000 mW
  • Max. temperature: 200 °C
  • Smart Substrates: SmS, SmS-R and SmS-E
  • Applications: High resolutions studies