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LC 2012 Spatial Light Modulator (transmissive)

The LC 2012 Spatial Light Modulator is based on a transmissive Liquid Crystal (LC) microdisplay with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. The SLM provides a phase shift of about 2 π at 450 nm, about 1.8 π at 532 nm and around 1 π at 800 nm. The microdisplay and drive electronics are packaged into a compact box for easy integration into optical setups. The LC 2012 is addressed using a standard HDMI interface and brigtness and contrast settings can be performed using an USB interface. The LC 2012 Spatial Light Modulator can be used for phase (phase mostly) and amplitude modulation applications dependent on the configuration.

LC 2012 Spatial Light Modulator – Microdisplay Features
Display Type: Transmissive LC
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Pixel Pitch: 36 µm
Fill Factor: 58 %
Active Area 36.9 x 27.6 mm (1.8” Diagonal)
Addressing 8 Bit (256 Grey Levels)
Signal Formats HDMI – XGA Resolution
Frame Rate 60 Hz

Download PDF: Brochure Spatial Light Modulators