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Andor Dragonfly High Speed Confocal Microscope

The Dragonfly 500 is a multi-modal imaging platform enabling laser-based widefield, spinning-disk confocal, and optionally Total Internal Reflectance Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy when connected to a research-grade microscope. This product is intended for professional scientific research applications, especially live-cell biological imaging and photo-stimulation.

Andor Dragonfly High Speed Confocal Microscope

It’s more than confocal.

The Dragonfly naturally benefits from Andor EMCCD and sCMOS technologies, with motorized optical zoom, the system delivers industry-leading signal to noise and image fidelity. Applications ranging from single molecule to live cell confocal, TIRFM to whole embryo and thick tissue imaging all benefit from the system’s speed and sensitivity. Dragonfly delivers real-time visualization for rapid specimen evaluation and GPU-accelerated deconvolution to maximize resolution and throughput.

  • Instant Confocal
  • Simultaneous multi-color TIRF
  • Laser widefield imaging
  • Single molecule imaging
  • VIS – NIR wavelengths
Fast Acquisition Unibody Design Self Adjusting Low Phototoxicity