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Andor Dragonfly 600 Confocal Microscope

Dragonfly High Speed Confocal Microscope System

Dragonfly delivers outstanding multi-dimensional images from subcellular (nm) to whole organism (cm), while significantly boosting productivity.

Its unrivalled combination of speed and sensitivity allows researchers to discover unforeseen dynamic events and image live organisms for days. The new B-TIRF and super resolution modules reveal smaller details, such as the dynamics of viral infection and the ultrastructure of chromatin or organelles.

Dragonfly is a high-contrast multi-dimensional imaging platform capable of four key imaging modalities. At its core is a multi-point confocal for high-speed and high-sensitivity imaging. Capturing at speeds at least 10x faster than conventional confocal technology, with dramatically improved sensitivity from 400-800 nm. Dragonfly is the optimal solution for live cell imaging, providing low phototoxicity and photobleaching, or perfect for fast volume acquisition of fixed samples.

Dragonfly 600 spinning disk confocal delivers leading performance for both industrial and academic users. It integrates super-resolution solutions compatible with confocal, widefield or TIRF. Furthermore, it incorporates the newly developed High Power Laser Engine (HLE) and new TIRF imaging modality, which exploits Borealis® illumination, B-TIRF (Borealis TIRF) for easy setup, more even illumination and thus more usable data across the field of view.

Key Specifications:

✔️Instant confocal: up to 400 fps
✔️Borealis® uniform illumination
✔️3D SMLM: resolution to 10-20 nm
✔️Live cell super-resolution: SRRF-Stream+
✔️Unique easy-to-use TIRF: B-TIRF
✔️Broad wavelength range: UV-Vis to NIR
✔️Greater productivity: large field of view

Key Applications:
✔️Developmental, cell & neurobiology
✔️Cancer & oncobiology
✔️Microbiology & virology
✔️Organoids & large model organisms
✔️Spatial genomics & proteomics
✔️Multiplex & Expansion microscopy
✔️Plant biology




At its core, Dragonfly, is a multi-point confocal for high-speed and high-sensitivity imaging.

  • Capture at speeds at least 10x faster than conventional confocal technology​
  • Optimal solution for live cell imaging, providing low phototoxicity and photobleaching
  • Perfect for fast volume acquisition of large samples (either live or fixed)














Borealis Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (B-TIRF) is Andor’s proprietary TIRF module available on Dragonfly 600.

  • TIRF imaging with reduced Aberration
  • Supports both 60x and 100x TIRF objective lenses
  • High-quality results with a simple set up
  • Image dynamic events at the edge of the coverslip (e.g. membrane fusion events, receptor signaling, and infection dynamics)
  • Ideal to increase the signal-to-noise ratio in single-molecule imaging


SM – TIRF                                                                                   B-TIRF

Comparing conventional TIRF and Borealis TIRF: Left image: single mode TIRF is sensitive to optical contamination resulting in interference fringes and uneven illumination. Right image: the same specimen imaged in B-TIRF with contamination, results in high quality images which reflect the true distribution of fluorescence in the specimen.


Localization Microscopy: 3D-SMLM

Super-Resolution: Localization Microscopy

With Dragonfly you can select from a number of super-resolution approaches all from the same imaging system. ​

  • The HLE (High Power Laser) delivers high-power densities for single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) applications such as dSTORM and DNA-PAINT
  • Localization precisions up to 2 nm with a corresponding resolution up to 20 nm
  • The 3D super resolution optics delivers axial information over 1 um range​ in a single image
  • 3D SMLM is compatible with all imaging modalities (Widefield, B-TIRF and confocal) ​