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Tomocube HT-X1 Holotomography Seminar & Demo workshop @ NUS Medicine

Date: 04 July – 12 July 2023

Venue: NUS Medicine


Holotomography (HT) is a unique imaging technique that provides label-free 4D quantitative imaging solutions for imaging and analyzing cells and tissues. Without using any preparation including fixation, transfection, or staining, details of dynamics and mechanisms of live cells, subcellular organelles, and tissue structures can be seen. HT not only enables observation of nanoscale, real-time results based on quantitative phase imaging (QPI) but also provides quantitative information of cells and organelles.


Come join us in the event below:


Seminar: Label Free Live Cell Imaging with Holotomography Microscopy (Free registration and lunch provided!)


Workshop Demo: Tomocube HT-X1 Holotomography Microscopy demo session (Free registration)


For additional Information, feel free to contact Mr Dennis Chua (sales@einst.sg , +65 6276 6928)

We are excited to see you there soon!


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