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Andor Imaging Spectrometer Shamrock 750

The Andor Shamrock SR-750 is based on Czerny-Turner optical design. The Shamrock is available as a pre-aligned detector/spectrometer option allowing for seamless integration of software, electronics, optics and detector. There is also a fast and interactive graphical software interface allowing full control of all the spectrograph functions.

The Shamrock 750 offers the highest resolution of the Shamrock family, but is also well suited for applications requiring multi-track capabilities.

This rugged platform features a comprehensive range of light coupling accessories and gratings, and combines ideally with Andor’s market leading CCD, Electron Multiplying CCDs, InGaAs and Intensified CCDs. Andor’s latest addition of single point detectors for scanning monochromator applications up to the LWIR (12 ?m) enhances even further the capabilities of this system.

State-of-the-art Solis Spectroscopy and Solis Scanning software offer a dedicated and intuitive interfaces for spectrograph, detectors and motorized accessory control as well as easy detection parameter set-up.

  • Pre-aligned, pre-calibrated detector & spectrograph
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Motorized, indexed triple grating turret
  • Dual detector outputs
  • Multi-track enhanced option

Pre-aligned, pre-calibrated detector & spectrograph – Motorized, individually factory-calibrated systems – out-of-the-box operation and seamless integration to experimental set-ups

USB 2.0 interface – Plug and play connectivity, ideal for laptop operation alongside Andor USB cameras

Motorized, indexed triple grating turret – Easily upgradable in-the-field

Dual detector outputs – For extended wavelength coverage when combining Andor UV-Visible CCD and InGaAs cameras. Compatible with Andor’s range of CCD, ICCD & EMCCD cameras

Multi-track enhanced option – Optimizes system performance for low cross-talk, high density multi-leg fibre signal acquisition

Wide range of accessories available – The ultimate in modular set-up and in-field upgradability

Monochromator capabilities – Extract best optical resolution while allowing use of single point detectors with sensitivity up to 12 ?m

Silver-protected coated optics options – Most efficient for Near-Infrared detection when used in conjunction with Andor InGaAs cameras and single point detectors InGaAs, PbS, InSb & MCT