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Andor Mechelle ME5000 Echelle Spectrograph

Andor’s new Mechelle ME5000 Echelle spectrograph has been designed to provide simultaneous recording of a wide wavelength range (200-975 nm) in one acquisition. It has no moving components is available in a pre-aligned detector/spectrometer format. The Andor Mechelle spectrograph is based on the echelle grating principal and its patented optical design provides extremely low cross-talk and maximum resolution compared with other spectrographs.

  • Compact and robust design
  • Patented optical design
  • Auto-temperature correction
  • N2 purged
  • Pre-aligned detector/spectrograph

Compact and robust design with no moving components – Ideal for non-lab based applications

Patented optical design – Ensures maximum resolution and extremely low cross-talk

Auto-temperature correction – Corrects for the variation of prisms optical refractive index with temperature

N2 purged – Enables maximum throughput in the UV region

Pre-aligned detector/spectrograph solution – Enables fast, efficient experimental set-up

Low F/number – Highly efficent light collection

Wide range of accessories available – Including fibre optics, slits, aiming Laser, collector/collimator and calibration lamps

Andor Solis software – Extracts automatically a full wavelength calibrated spectrum from a complex echelle image and offers system advanced data manipulation capabilities

Peak labelling with NIST table – Easy tagging of known atomic species at the press of a button