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ANDOR – OptistatDry BLV

A Cryofree® optical cryostat for spectroscopy applications providing a temperature-controlled, sample-in-vacuum measurement environment, with sample access via a unique bottom-loading mechanism.

  • Wide sample temperature range: < 3 K to 300 K
  • Easy set-up and operation, no liquid cryogens are required
  • Unique sample loading, reducing time between experiments
  • Temperature range: < 3 K to 300 K
  • Temperature stability: ± 0.1 K
  • Vibration: typical RMS displacement of 10 microns at the sample position
  • Room temperature to base temperature: < 3 hours
  • Typical cooling power: 0.2 W at 4.2 K
  • Optical access: 28 mm diameter clear view f1
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 635-900 (adjustable) x 240 x 290 mm
  • Total cryostat weight: 23 kg


•The standard cryostat is fitted with 4 optical radial windows and 1 blank axial window
•Base temperature may be reduced by fitting blanks to each of the windows. Radial window blanks are supplied as spares with the system
•The maximum operating temperature will be set accordingly in the MercuryiTC supplied with the system