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Avantes SenseLine : AvaSpec-HS2048XL Fiber Optic Spectrometers

Ideal for high sensitivity applications where high resolution is not of paramount concern, the AvaSpec-HS2048XL is an exceptional instrument.

AvaSpec-HS2048XL Fiber Optic Spectrometers

Featuring Avantes’ HS optical bench which has a full 0.22 numerical aperture for superior throughput, the AvaSpec-HS2048XL has a back-thinned CCD detector with 2048 pixels measuring 14X500 microns.The unique optical design includes toroid collimating and focusing mirrors to control image magnification and enhance efficiency. Also featured is an electronic shutter, which enables integration times as low as 2 microseconds. The AvaSpec-HS2048XL offers a wide selection of options to meet your configuration requirements, including order-sorting filters, wide range of slit sizes, gratings, and may be configured with SMA or FC/ PC fiber-optic entrance connectors.

Optical Bench  High-sensitivity asymmetrical design 37.5 mm focal length; NA – 0.22, f/2.27
Wavelength range  200 – 1160nm
Resolution  1 – 10 nm, depending on configuration (see table)
Stray light  < 1 %
Sensitivity (counts/µW per ms int. time)  1,100,000 counts
UV Quantum efficiency  65% (200-250nm) 78% (550 – 750 nm)
Detector  Back-thinned CCD image sensor 2048 pixels
Signal/Noise  450:1
AD converter  16 bit, 1 MHz
Integration time  2 µs – 600 sec
Interface  USB 2.0 high speed, 480 Mbps RS-232, 115.200 bps
Sample speed with on-board averaging  2.09 ms / scan
Data transfer speed  2.09 ms / scan (USB2)
432 ms / scan (RS-232)
Digital IO  HD-26 connector, 2 Analog in, 2 Analog out, 3 Digital in, 12 Digital out, trigger, synchronization
Power supply  Default USB power, 450 mA Or with SPU2 external 12VDC, 200 mA
Dimensions, weight  175 x 165 x 85 mm , 1.95 kg
 AvaSpec-HS2048XL-USB2 High sensitivityFiber-optic Spectrometer, 2048 large 500 µm pixel back-thinned CCD detector, USB powered, high-speed USB2 interface, incl. AvaSoft-Basic, USB interface cable.
Specify grating, wavelength range and options