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Avantes StarLine : AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO (CMOS)


Another addition to our EVO series: the AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO. Using CMOS instead of the conventional CCD technology, this spectrometer is completely up to date and ready for the next decade. With their 4096 pixels, these spectrometers are tailored for high resolution applications like plasma measurements and LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy).

The dominant position of CCD detectors in the spectrometer field is fading and new technologies, like CMOS, have evolved and become a suitable alternative. The AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO offers you this latest technology ensuring a spectrometer platform for the coming years.

In combination with our latest AS-7010 electronics, it offers you a versatile device, including USB3.0 communication with 10 times higher speed compared to USB2, and a second communication port which offers Gigabit Ethernet for integration in your company network and possibility for long distance communication at an affordable price. Besides the high speed communication options, the EVO also offers a fast microprocessor and 50 times more memory capacity, which can help you to store more spectra onboard and realize more functionality.

Options include a detector collection lens to enhance sensitivity in the 200 to 1100 nm range and order-sorting filter to reduce second-order effects. Furthermore, the AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO is available with a wide range of slit sizes, gratings and fiber-optic entrance connectors. It comes complete with AvaSoft-Basic software, USB cable and an extensive manual.

The AvaSpec-ULS4096CL-EVO is also available as OEM unit, bench-only or rackmount version.

Optical Bench: ULS Symmetrical Czerny-Turner, 75 mm focal length

Wavelength range: 200-1100 nm

Resolution: 0.05-20 nm, depending on configuration (see table)

Stray-light: 0.19-1.0%, depending on the grating

Sensitivity: 218,000 counts/µW  per ms integration time

Detector: CMOS linear Image Sensor

Signal/Noise: 335:1

AD converter: 16 bit, 6 MHz

Integration time: 9 µs – 40s

Interface: USB 3.0 high speed, 5 Gbps / Gigabit Ethernet 1 Gbps

Sample speed with on-board averaging: 0.70 ms /scan

Data transfer speed: 0.70 ms /scan (USB3) / 1.31 ms (ETH)

Digital IO: HD-26 connector, 2 Analog in, 2 Analog out, 13 Digital bidirectional, trigger, sync., strobe, laser

Power supply: Default USB3 power, 532 mA / Or 12 VDC, 300 mA

Dimensions, weight: 177 x 127 x 44,5 mm (1 channel), 1155 grams

Slit size (µm)
Grating (lines/mm) 10 25 50 100 200 500
300 0.50-0.70 1.20-1.30* 2.17 4.6 9.0 20.0
600 0.30-0.36* 0.58-0.60 1.17 2.20 4.5 10.0
830 0.25 0.48 0.93 1.7 3.4 8.0
1200 0.14-0.18* 0.30 0.62 1.08 2.2 5.0
1800 0.09-0.11* 0.18 0.36-0.40* 0.78 15 3.7
2400 0.07-0.09* 0.13-0.15* 0.26-0.32* 0.40-0.64* 1.1 2.7
3600 0.05-0.06* 0.10 0.19 0.4 0.8 2.0


* Depends on the starting wavelength of the grating; the higher the wavelength, the bigger the dispersion and the better the resolution.


Fiber-optic Spectrometer, 75 mm AvaBench, 4096 pixel CMOS detector 7×200 µm, USB powered, high-speed USB 3.0 and ETH interface, incl. AvaSoft-Basic, USB cable.
Specify grating, wavelength range and options.


External power supply, needed for operation in ETH mode or with USB2 ports.