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LINKAM RH95 Humidity Controller

The RH95 quickly controls humidity inside a linkam stage or any other sealed chamber up to a volume of 2000cc from 5 to 90%.

Linkam RH95 Humidity Controller

Unlike other humidity systems, no costly dry air supply is required. Ambient air is dried through a specially designed automatic recycling desiccant system and so can be left controlling humidity for months at a time.

Rather than simply monitoring the humidity of the air supplied to the chamber we also place a sensor inside the chamber to create a feedback loop to the controller.

  • Can be used as standalone humidity generator and controller or with LINK software to log data from
  • Relative humidity entered via touch screen display
  • Maximum controllable volume 2000cc
  • Long cycle times – can be left running for months.
  • Sensor calibration chamber supplied with salt ampoule testing kit
  • Sensor regeneration module available
  • Sensor Type: Combined temperature and humidity digital capacitance sensor
  • Recommended range:  10 to 90% RH
  • Stability at control value: +/- 0.5%
  • Ramp speed: ~7RH% /min
  • Operating Range:  0-100%
  • Sensor Response: ~8sec