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I-MON High Speed

The I-MON High Speed series allows full spectrum measurements up to 35 kHz, while maintaining sub-picometer wavelength fit resolution. It is rugged, making it well suited for both industrial-grade applications and lab-type experiments in combination with a customer selected light source. It comes with GigE interface and software for plug-and-play operation. LabVIEW based software allows customization and simple interfacing with light sources and other test equipment.

The I-MON 256/512 High Speed is designed for demanding applications requiring high speed, real-time analysis, while maintaining sub-picometer wavelength fit resolution. With its EMC shielded housing and reinforced fiber, the I-MON is highly rugged and well-suited for both industrial applications as well as lab-type experiments.

I-MON 256/ 512 High Speed

High Speed Measurement Example
To demonstrate the capabilities of the I-MON 256 High Speed, Ibsen has made a measurement of the wavelength modulation from a piezo actuated FBG sensor with a 1 kHz tone. As seen from the picture to the right, the I-MON 256 High Speed resolves the modulation perfectly.

Product Selector’s Guide

Parameter Unit I-MON 256 HS I-MON 512 HS
Wavelength nm 1525-1570 1275-1345 / 1510-1595
Max number of sensors 37 70
Number of pixels 256 512
Wavelength fit resolution pm <0.5 <0.5
Wavelength linearity pm 5 (typ) 5 (typ)
Max speed Hz 35,000 17,000
Size mmxmmxmm 124x94x59 124x94x59