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NIREOS – HERA SWIR (900-1700 nm) Hyperspectral Camera


HERA IPERSPETTRALE is a compact and rugged camera that enables an innovative approach to spectral imaging.

With its unique and patented technology based on time-domain Fourier Transform (FT) detection, HERA provides exceptional spatial-spectral resolution and superior sensitivity in low-light illumination conditions.

Working Principle

HERA is based on a Fourier Transform (FT) approach: the data-cube is acquired in the time-domain, by step-scanning a compact ultra-stable interferometer in front of the bidimensional sensor. 
The software then automatically computes an FT at each and every pixel of the image, providing the final hyperspectral data-cube.
As a result of an FT, the spectrum at each pixel is a continuous curve, so the number of bands is virtually unlimited, not defined by the hardware.

Spectral Resolution

As in any other FT techniques, the spectral resolution is not constant as a function of the wavelength. Also, the spectral resolution can be simply varied via software: at each measurement, you can decide whether to acquire a high spectral resolution-image, or – if not required – a faster and lower spectral resolution-image.
Regardless of this choice, the exceptional light throughput is not affected
, thanks to the FT approach.