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QNW – Temperature-Controlled Cuvette Holder for UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

The t2 Sport™ is a Peltier-Temperature controlled cuvette holder with two optical ports for absorbance. It has a short, compact structure that will fit into nearly any UV/Vis spectrophotometer.

t2 Sport™: Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder for UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

The device is mounted on a post to allow adjustment of the cuvette to the optimal height. On ordering, the user selects the cuvette holder z-height of 8.5 or 15 mm. With variable-speed magnetic stirring, the t2 Sport™ is built to maintain uniform temperature within the cuvette. A dry gas purge system directs dry gas to the surfaces of the cuvette to minimize condensation when working below the dew point temperature.

The t2 Sport™ package includes a matched and calibrated TC 1 Temperature Controller, and provides rapid, precise temperatures in the range of -15 °C to +110 °C with a precision of ±0.02 °C. While lower temperatures may be readily achieved, it is important to avoid the risk of condensation on cuvette surfaces. The TC 1 controller has a probe input that accepts a Series 400 or Series 500 thermistor probe for independent measurement of the sample temperature.

Versions of the t2 Sport™ are available for mounting in a variety of different spectrophotometers. The device can be easily adapted to others as needed. For more information on an individual adaptation, click on a version below.