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XY Microscope Stages for Inverted Microscopes – H139 Multi-Well Plate Motorised Stage

An extensive range of motorized XY stages to fit the majority of inverted microscopes available.

XY Microscope Stages for Inverted Microscopes – H139 Multi-Well Plate Motorised Stage

Offering precise movement (repeatability 0.7 µm) in the X and Y axis (280 x 80 mm), the H139 is the perfect tool for labs tasked with precise microscopic examination of larger numbers of microplates or microscope slides, and gives users a uniquely powerful combination of precision, speed and convenience.

Designed for use with leading models of inverted microscopes, the H139 allows users to conduct two live cell imaging experiments in mircoplates at the same time, allowing more efficient use of imaging centre resources. Incorporating Prior’s patented Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST) as standard, the H139 can be optionally equipped with 50 nm encoders for demanding applications requiring the finest precision and accuracy.

  • Holds up to 2 well plates or 9 slides
  • Intelligent Scanning Technology as standard
  • Suitable for use with most modern inverted microscopes
  • Controlled via the ProScan III – can be integrated easily into the overall      imaging system in a wide range of imaging software
  • Excellent repeatabiltiy over a wide travel range
  • 50nm encoders available