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YSL Supercontinuum Source SC-5

The SC-5-FC is a cost effective supercontinuum source with single mode FC connector output.  With a total  output  power  of more than  800mW  covering  a  broad  spectral range  of  480nm  to  2200nm,  the  system  is  an ideal  light  source  for  fiber

component characterization,  fiber  sensing,  OCT  and  other  areas.  The  system  is  based  on self-designed  highly  reliable

seed  laser offering  unique  reliability  and  performance. SC-5-FC can replace the traditional ASE, SLD and Lamp systems in

many applications.



● Fiber component characterization

● Fiber sensing


● Industry inspection

● Broadband spectroscopy

● Fluorescence spectroscopy


● FC/APC fiber connector output

● Up to 800mW

● Single-mode output

● 480nm-2200nm

● Spectrum Stability <0.1dB

● With anti-reflection isolator