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Andor ZL41 Cell sCMOS

Easy & Cost-Effective Super-Resolution to ~ 100 nm

ZL41 Cell builds on the strengths of the original Zyla series: high-speed, high-sensitivity and high-resolution imaging performance. ZL41 Cell is perfectly suited to many experiments that push the boundaries of speed and sensitivity.

Key Applications:

✔️Live cell imaging
✔️ Developmental biology
✔️ Cell and tissue imaging
✔️ Calcium imaging
✔️Cell trafficking

Key Specifications:

✔️Sharp: ~100 nm resolution
✔️ Fast: up to 100 fps
✔️Sensitive: up to 82% QE
✔️ Accurate: >99.8% linearity
✔️ Flexible: 4.2 and 5.5 Megapixels
✔️Productive: up to 22 mm field of view

Quality, Throughput, Performance, Accessibility…

✔️High sensitivity & wide dynamic range – quantify very weak and very bright structures with one image.
✔️Superb image quality – high resolution and uniform backgrounds for publication quality imaging.
✔️Capture everything – large field of view matches that of modern microscopes. Achieve better statistics and higher throughout in high content experiments.
✔️Blazingly fast – more and more studies of cell processes require greater temporal resolution. ZL41 Cell is fast and importantly keeps noise low.
✔️Ease of use – start imaging immediately with helpful documentation and features like Python integration in camera SDK.