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Photon etc – Infrared Microplate Reader (ClaIR™)

Excite your probes at any wavelengths to validate their NIR-II emissions

The ClaIR NIR-II microplate reader is able to capture full fluorescence spectra from 900 nm to 1600 nm and the transmittance spectrum from 500 nm to 1600 nm. Using the included software, the ClaIR plate reader can perform a range of endpoint and kinetic applications. The instrument comes with your preferred laser-based excitation sources, which can be complemented by a high-power tunable light source. An optional benchtop probe is available, extending the capabilities to in vivo measurements.


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Technical Specifications
Detection modes Absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopy
Microplate formats 1 to 1536-well plates, user definable
Absorbance light sources Halogen white lamp
Absorbance spectral range 500 – 1600 nm
Fluorescence light sources 650 nm and 735 nm laser diodes, fiber entry for optional tunable light source (optional)
Fluorescence spectral range 900 – 1600 nm
Detection High sensitivity VIS and IR spectrometer
Z-adjustment Focal height adjustment (0.1 nm resolution)
Read height Adjustable bottom to mid well height
Software PC (Windows10 – 64-bits) with PHySpec™ control and analysis software (computer included)
Data format CSV
Computer interface USB
Line voltage 120 – 230 VAC
Dimensions 690 x 535 x 275 mm
Weight 40 kg