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CLOUDMINDS – Smart Handheld Raman

Smart Raman with Cloud and AI XI™ is the world’s first cloud AI based hand held Raman spectrometer with 785nm laser excitation.
X I ™ – the World’s First Cloud AI Handheld Raman Spectrometer
The Cloudminds XITM is the world’s first cloud-based handheld Raman spectrometer with 785nm laser excitation. This handheld Raman Spectrometer unit is fully integrated with the Data A1 smartphone device and maintains constant WiFi/Bluetooth and 4G LTE connections, letting you stay connected anywhere, and anytime. The cloud-based data platform not only allows speedy analysis but also enables spectral library expansion with ensured security.
The XITM‘s unique architecture features a dual smartphone and Raman spectrometer domains. The A1 phone operates with the full functionality of a smartphone, including voice calls, emails, GPS locations, and image capture by camera. It can connect to the cloud platform via a cellular link even when WiFi is not available.
Police and Defense
Food Safety
Medicine Verification

• Compact and super lightweight (<400g)
• Ruggedized for field applications
• Integrated Raman with smartphone
• Intuitive user interface, easy to use
• Proprietary optical design for maximum sensitivity
• Built-in 4G LTE/Wifi/Bluetooth connection
• Smart control, automated setting
• Rapid material ID with Cloud-based analysis
• Proprietary deep learning AI algorithm
• Mixture analysis with components and ratio
• Factory spectral and user custom libraries
• Cloud data management for high security and flexibility

Excitation Laser 785 mm
Laser power output Up to 500nm, Adjustable
Spectral Range 200-800 cm¯¹
Resolution 8-11cm¯¹
Time Less than 3s (Ethanol)
Detection Can recognize mixture, support for mixture ratio analysis, AI detection
Database Basic database, extended database, self-build database. Automatic cloud basic data base update. Instant synchronization of expanded database
Operating System Independent dual system (personal domain vs detection domain)
 Display Size 5.7”, resolution 2500×1440
Network Dual sim, all network, Support carrier aggregation
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 2.0 GHz x 2, 1.6 GHz x 2
GPU Qualcomm Adreno 530
Storage 4+32+32GB

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