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Microscope Camera Head DS-Ri2

New 16.25-megapixel, high-definition color camera equipped with Nikon’s digital SLR camera FX-format CMOS sensor. Provides superior color reproduction and fast frame rates.

A new 16.25 megapixel microscope camera offering fast, one-shot capture of ultra-high resolution color images.
Nikon has optimized the digital SLR camera CMOS sensor and image processing technologies for microscope imaging to develop a high-definition color camera. With 16.25 million pixels, the DS-Ri2 is the ideal camera for brightfield or cross-over applications where high resolution, great color fidelity and large pixel count images are important to an end-user.


Nikon CMOS sensors and imaging technologies for professional D-SLR cameras have been optimized for microscopy.

High-resolution Images

16.25-megapixel CMOS sensors for astonishing image quality

The DS series enables one-shot instantaneous capture and fast storage of images with resolution as high as 4908 x 3264 pixels, without pixel shifting or pixel stepping.

This pixel density is ideally suited for photomicrography of ultra-fine structures or patterns in biological or industrial samples, at low or high magnifications.


Excellent Color Reproduction

Nikon is a leader in development of algorithms for reproducing color just as the eyes see it

The DS models’ new image processing engine is based on extensive data accumulated over many years of developing microscope color digital cameras, resulting in perfect reproduction of the colors your eyes see in the microscope.


High-speed Live Display

High-speed display, even of supra-HDTV-class live images

The DS-Ri2 can display 4908×3264 pixel (full-pixel) images at 6 fps, or 1636×1088 pixel (3×3 pixel averaging) images at 45 fps. This fast live frame rate makes fine focusing easy to perform.



High Sensitivity, Low Noise

Fluorescent color image capture with high signal to-noise ratio

Sensitivity settings that span the range from ISO200 to ISO12800 allow the capture of vivid fluorescent color images.


Image sensor Nikon FX-format, Color CMOS senser / Size: 36.0×23.9mm,Effective 16.25 megapixels
Recordable pixels 4908×3264 pixel (full-pixel), 1636×1088 pixel (3×3 pixel averaging)
ISO sensitivity(recommended exposure index) Standard: equivalent to ISO 200 (Selectable from ISO200 to12800 equivalent)
Live display mode Full-pixel 4908×3264 pixel (max 6fps) / 3×3 pixel averaging 1636×1088 (max 45fps)
Lens mount F mount
Exposure time 100 μsec to 120 sec
Image format BMP, TIFF, JPEG, etc., selectable in NIS-Elements
Interface USB3.0 (computer control connection) ×1, External sync input/output ×1
Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 13W
Dimensions 105 (W) × 134 (D) × 153 (H) mm
Weight 1200g
Operating environment 0-30°C, 80% RH max, 30-40°C, 60% RH max. (without condensation)