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YSL Photonics’PicoYL-50 has a tunable pulse duration from 50 ps to 800ps, repetition rates from 25 kHz up to 5 MHz and over 70W average power. The short pulse duration, high repetition rates combined with over 500kW peak power open up a variety of micromachining applications such as PERC solar cell dicing, glass drilling, sapphire drilling, Li-Ion battery foil cutting, resistor trimming and marking of transparent material. The laser is completely controlled via an industry standard digital interface with optional DB25 or RS-232.


●  PERC Solar Cell Dicing

●  Lion Ion Battery Foil Cutting

●  Glass Drilling

●  Silicon or SiC Dicing

●  Metal Marking

●  Chrome Vanadium Texturing

●  Micromaching of Transparent materials


●  Average Power >50W

●  Pulse Duration 50, 300, 800ps

●  Peak Power 500kW

●  Repetition Rate 25kHz-5MHz

●  Pulse Energy >180uJ@800ps

●  M2<1.3

●  Burst Mode Function (1-4, 40MHz)