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NoIR – Lasershield ML1

ML1 for 1064nm Laser

Frame style: Fitover

Size: Medium

Frame #36 (Black)

Product Category Type: Laser Filter
Lens Color: Green
Wavelength Type: Infrared
Application: Ultrafast, Medical, Dental, Scientific, Therapeutic, Veterinary
VLT: 45%
CE Rating: 190-315 D LB8 + IR LB4
>315-420 DIR LB5
>420-445 DIR LB4
765-1100 DIRM LB5
775-1085 D LB5 + IRM LB6
790-1080 D LB6 + IRM LB7
950-1085 DIRM LB6
Ce Certified: Yes
Wavelength (nm) / OD: 190-420 5+
765-1100 5+
775-1085 6+
790-1080 7+
Disclaimer: Filter characteristic data points are nominally represented here solely for informational purposes. We guarantee only those specifications, including Optical Densities, CE ratings and VLT, that are imprinted on the eye protectors and listed on filter data sheets and web pages.
Filter Material: Polymer


Remark: *** Please contact us for other models.