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Okolab – Bold Line Stage Line Incubator

The Bold Line Top Stage Incubator is the latest release from OKOLAB in terms of Top Stage incubation. It delivers superior temperature stability, humidity, CO2 and Oxygen control in a fully integrated fashion.

The Stage Top Chambers fits in the XY stage or PIezo insert of the microscope, connects to Okolab Temperature, Gas and Humidity Controllers and creates the proper environment for live cell imaging right on the microscope stage.

  • Temperature Range: from 3°C above ambient to 60°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C in sample feedback mode, ± 0.3°C in chamber feedback mode
  • Compatible with: Bold Line T, UNO Combined and H401-T Controllers
  • Chambers available for any XY stage / piezo insert
  • Embedded temperature sensor in heated glass lid and in chamber body
  • Interchangeable magnetic inserts allow to host Petri, Slides and MW Plates
  • Magnetic locks hold the Petri, the Slides and the MW Plates in the correct position inside the chamber
  • Perfusion holes available for inlet and outlet of tubes
  • Sliding lid allows easy access to the sample
  • Optional lids are available for Koehler Illumination, laser safety and injection during imaging


H301-T-UNIT-BL-PLUS is the most advanced solution for Temperature Control. It is compatible with Digital Gas Controllers and with Active Humidity Controller to ensure best environmental control for live cell imaging.

H301-T-UNIT-BL-PLUS has five independent temperature channels: chamber base, chamber lid, objective heater, sample temperature sensor, room temperature sensor.

  • Temperature Range: from 3°C above ambient to 60°C
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C in sample feedback mode, ± 0.3°C in chamber feedback mode
  • Controls up to # 5 Temperature sensors:
    • Chamber Base
    • Chamber Lid
    • Sample T Sensor
    • Room T Sensor
    • Objective Heater T sensor
  • Compatible with:
    • Objective Heater
    • Active Humidity Controller
    • Digital Gas Controllers
    • Smart Box data logger
  • SDK available for integration in third party software
  • Drivers available for: NIS Elements, LASX 2.0, Metamorph, Micormanager
  • TTL signal option order: H301-T-UNIT-BL-PLUS-TTL

The Bold Line Gas Controllers connect to the Temperature Controller via a cable-less connector and are operated through the same touch screen interface OKO-TOUCH.

CO2 and or O2 accuracy is ±0.1% with adjustable total output flow rate.

The Active Humidity Controller is typically used with a Stage Top Incubation System.


  • CO2 accuracy: 0.1% (see Controller page for more info)
  • O2 accuracy: 0.1% (see Controller page for more info)
  • Touch Screen Interface – OKO-TOUCH
  • Output Flow Rate: adjustable from OKO-TOUCH
  • Compatible with Active Humidity Controller
  • Programmable CO2 (and /or) O2 cycles
  • Compatible with SMART BOX for data logging and remote operation – Optional
  • Data Logging via OKOLAB Data Log Software – Optional
  • Compatible with: NIS Elements, MetaMorph, Micromanager
  • TTL signal compatibility, upon request

Active Humidity Controllers control the Relative Humidity inside the chamber in the range 50-95% with a resolution of 1%.


  • Connects to any Bold Line Gas controller
  • Controlled via OKO-TOUCH
  • Humidity sensor resolution 1%
  • A heated tube connects the Active Humidity Controller to the Chamber
  • Stand alone version (HM-ACTIVE-STANDALONE) is available to run the humidifier independently of the gas controller.

The dry gas is humidified by flowing over warm water. The Humidity sensor regulates water temperature in order to achieve the desired relative humidity in the chamber.

To prevent water condensation, the tube connecting the humidity controller to the chamber is heated.

OKO-TOUCH is an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface. It connects to any one of the Bold Line Controllers, detects all equipment in the system and displays all functions supported by the equipment detected.

It allows to:

  • Turn all Bold Line Controllers on/off
  • Define set point values
  • Set flow rates gas controller
  • Define gas cycles of gas controller
  • Define temperature cycles of temperature controller
  • Select sample or chamber feedback mode
  • Select chamber model and plate adapter
  • Display all set points and measured parameters
  • Run self calibration procedures

Smart Box connects to the Bold Line Controller and provides the following features:


  • Data Logging
  • Remote Operation of the incubator via Internets, Tablet or SmartPhone
  • Video Streaming server
  • Remote assistant