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Okolab – LEO Portable Meter

LEO is a battery operated, handheld analyzer designed to measure CO2, O2, Temperature, VOC, Relative Humidity and pH.

Includes CO2 and O2 sensors. Optional modules: Temperature, Humidity, VOC and pH.


  • Includes CO2 – O2 sensors
  • Optional modules: T1 (flexible thermocouple), T2 (thermistor),  Humidity, VOC and pH.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Compatible with any incubator on the market
  • Diffusion or Aspiration gas sampling modes
  • Sampling tube and de-humidification kit included
  • Long term logging
  • USB OTG for data downloading to a USB flash drive

LEO includes the CO2 and O2 sensors and features two connection ports to connect up to two optional temperature sensor modules at the same time.

LEO can be customized to use the same labels assigned ​to each of​ the incubators present in the laboratory
LEO will store the measurements and display them in table or graph format.

LEO can perform the measurements in SINGLE POINT mode or LOGGING mode.

In SINGLE POINT mode, LEO acquires the data and stores it in local memory.
Data is displayed in table format.

In LOGGING mode, LEO acquires a sequence of data at a pre-set time interval.
Sequence duration and time interval must be set by the operator.

Data is stored in local memory and displayed in table format and in graph format