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Single-Mode Digital U-Type Module with Optical Isolator

Innovative Photonic Solutions’ proprietary Single-Mode Digital U-Type Module with Optical Isolator has a stabilized peak wavelength that remains “locked” regardless of case temperature (15º to 45º C).




  • High-Power Single-Spatial-Mode, Single-Frequency Output
  • Narrow Spectral Linewidth (< 100 MHz FWHM)
  • High Power Single-Mode Fiber Coupled Output
  • Excellent Beam Quality (M² < 1.1)
  • Integral ESD Protection & Thermistor
  • Temperature Stabilized Spectrum (< 0.007 nm/ᵒC)
  • Low Power consumption (< 5.5 W)
  • > 45 dB SMSR Typical
  • 3” x 2.5” x 0.69” Package Weighing < 4 oz
  • Integral single stage optical isolator
  • Dual stage optical isolator available >1000nm
  • Available with a “U-Type switch box” to enable
  • External fiber patch cord sold separately




Innovative Photonic Solution’s proprietary Wavelength Stabilized Laser features high output power with narrow spectral bandwidth.  The laser’s stabilized peak wavelength remains “locked” regardless of case temperature (15 to 45 deg. C). 

Devices can be spectrally tailored to suit application needs and offer side mode suppression ratios (SMSRs) better than 40 dB, thereby providing extremely high signal to noise ratio and making these sources ideal for Raman spectroscopy and pump laser applications.  The laser is integrated with high performance laser drive and temperature control electronics in a compact package.

In addition to integration into systems, IPS’ OEM U-Type module is designed to “drop in” to our UL/CE and IEC certified turnkey modules to offer wavelength flexibility at a lower cost.









Pin Label


1* V+ Power Supply: 5V-12V. For lasers operating <600mW, a 5V minimum is required. For lasers operating >600mW, a minimum of 9V is required, 12V recommended
2^ VBIAS ENABLE (Set Enable) For analog control: Enable external laser power control through pin 8 (LD VBIAS):
High (>3.6V up to V+ supply voltage) = Enable
Low (GND) = Disable
The same Functionality is emulated via software as a replacement for this analog control
3 SCL/TX I2C: SCL standard (RS232: TX; board by request)
4 SDA/RX I2C: SDA standard (RS232: RX; board by request)
5** GND Ground
6* V+ See Pin 1
7 Enable Laser Enable:

TTL High (>3.6V up to V+ supply voltage) = Enable
TTL Low (GND) = Disable
Pin may also be used for PW modulation at a rate of


(LD Set)

Laser power setpoint – Enables analog external control of laser drive current Drive VBIAS Enable (pin2) high to enable this option
Drive voltage between 0V and 1V
The voltage bias will be a 1:1 ratio to the laser drive current. See Operational Note #6
9^ PD+ For analog readout. Connect voltmeter to PD+ (pin
9) and GND for photo diode V output (0V-3.3V).
The same functionality is emulated via software as a
replacement for this analog control
10** GND Ground

Pins 1, 2, 6, 7 and 10 are required for laser operation


*Power must be supplied to both V+ pins (pin 1 and pin 6)

**GND must be supplied to both GND pins (pin 5 and pin 10).

^ Pins 2, 8, and 9 are optional for analog control/readout


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