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ioLight – Inverted Microscope

Compact Inverted Microscope,
2mm field of view

  • Compact inverted microscope monitors cell cultures in Petri dishes
  • Small and tough enough to fit inside many incubators
  • WIFi link to tablet outside the experiment


Magnification: x150 Field of view 2mm fixed width, resolution approx. 3µm

Sample container: Petri dish, well plate or cavity side used to hold sample needs to have a clear transparent base up to 1.5mm thick

Illumination: Adjustable top and bottom illumination
Bright field and dark field

Display: Smart phone, tablet or computer with WiFi connection.
Direct connection, no WiFi infrastructure or router is required (internet is not required)

Image sharing: On a smartphone or tablet, images and videos are stored in the gallery / camera roll for easy sharing.
On a computer, images and videos are stored in the web browser’s downloads folder.

ioLight App: Free for download from the Apple® or Google Play® app store

Image format: 5MP (2592 x 1944 pixels); colour

Video format: MPEG-4; colour; up to 1296 x 972; 10 fps

Dimensions: 170mm x 170mm x 97mm
Maximum sample (flask) height: 35mm
Weight 800g

Power supply: Integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery with USB charger (supplied)