A Brief Guide: What You Need to Know About Spatial Light Modulator

A spatial light modulator refers to objects that are being used to produce a radiating beam of light with various modifications. The most common type of spatial light modulator is the LCOS spatial light modulator that is being used in various laser material processing, quantum optics, and microscopy. LCOS stands for liquid crystal on silicon, and literally this is how it brings about the image display. Simple light modulators serve a great deal of importance in our world today as they are being used mostly in overhead projectors, holography, and optical industry in general. Also, they can be used for signage and brand advertisement in cities around the world.

Other Types of Spatial Light Modulator

LCOS isn’t the only type of spatial modulator that we see in the market, as there are other types that serve important functions just like LCOS. They include:

Electrically Addressed Spatial Light Modulator

Just like the image of LCOS modulator is being changed by the liquid crystal on the silicon, that of the electrically addressed modulator is being changed electronically. The displays are also electronic displays, and unlike other types of spatial light modulator, the displays are smaller and cannot be viewed directly. A typical example of an electrically addressed spatial light modulator is the digital micro mirror device.

Optically Addressed Spatial Light Modulator

This type of modulator makes use of a light source to reflect its images. Liquid crystals are also being used to make a semblance of the image after the photosensor might have sensed the light brightness. But as long as this spatial light modulator is still powered electrically, it would not lose the image, not even after the bright light might have disappeared. They are being used in holographic displays, and there can also be the transfer of images from the electrical spatial modulator to this modulator.Images on display with optically addressed spatial modulators usually have more quality and resolution.

Value of Spatial Light Modulators

The market for spatial light modulators had initially gone under the radar, and this is probably due to the fact that not a lot of people possess the technical know-how on how to operate it. According to market research, the value for spatial light modulator is predicted to grow by more than 100% in the next few years. This is due to the importance, and the awareness that it is garnering these days. Another reason is that it has been noted that in past years, spatial light modulators were not known to perform some of the functions that they perform these days. So with this, a lot of people are expecting that with the improvement of technology, there will be more functions that a spatial light modulator can serve.

Also, another feature of a spatial light modulator that has brought about its increase in value is the beam shaping segment. It can be used for lasers, material processing, as well as pulse shaping. This has made it important in a lot of industries, hence leading to the high demand for spatial light modulators.

You can purchase LCOS spatial light modulators and other types online, by searching for the website of sellers through the use of search engines.

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