Infographic: Tips To Maintain A Microscope

Microscopes are widely used by researchers for viewing objects like viruses and bacteria. To make sure that your microscope is in perfect working condition, you need to take good care of it. When you carry the microscope, hold it from the base and metal support arm. A microscope’s stage is a flat plate on which slides are positioned for observation. Ensure that you don’t pick up the microscope by the stage or bino/trino tube since it can cause misalignment.


When you use a microscope, lower the objective lens while changing samples of different thickness. Ensure that your samples don’t touch the objective lens since the lens can be damaged. Clean the lens daily if it is in contact with solvents like immersion oil. Smudge it with IPA, before lightly swapping it with 70% ethanol and lens cleaning paper. Once you start following all these steps, your microscope in Singapore will perform faultlessly for years together.


Tips To Maintain A Microscope

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