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New Product: Holoeye Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator – LUNA

HOLOEYE released a new compact phase only Spatial Light Modulator series. The LUNA SLM is based on an 0.39″ LCOS microdisplay with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 4.5µm pixel pitch. The SLM provides linear 8 bit phase levels and is addressed via DisplayPort at 60 Hz input frame rate. The driver also features an USB connector for power and advanced configurations.

HOLOEYE currently offers two versions of the LUNA phase only spatial light modulator: A VIS version (2 Pi phase shift @ 420 – 650 nm) and a version for the telecommunication waveband around 1550 nm (1400-1700 nm).

The driver ASIC is embedded in the LCOS microdisplay itself. This saves board space which enables a very compact driver and makes integration more convenient and enables implementation into small sized and portable solutions. The standard driver box has a size of only 85 x 47 x 28.8 mm.

The display can even accept video data input via a 4-lane MIPI DSI. This novel approach brings phase only Spatial Light Modulator technology to a new level of potential for industrial implementations.


New Product: Andor Sona 4.2B-6 sCMOS

New Product: Sona 4.2B-6 sCMOS


The Perfect Balance of Sensitivity, Speed and Resolution for Optimal Imaging Performance


The World’s Most Sensitive Back-illuminated sCMOS Cameras

The latest model in the Sona back-illuminated sCMOS microscopy camera series has arrived.

The NEW Sona 4.2B-6 provides a superb balance of sensitivity, speed and resolution, making it perfectly suited to many challenging imaging applications. The new model joins the Sona 4.2B-11, which offers the largest possible field of view at 32 mm.

New Product: Andor Launches Balor Camera for Astronomy

New Product: Andor Launches Balor Camera for Astronomy



Balor is designed for ‘dynamic astronomy’ applications such as Orbital Debris tracking, Solar Astronomy, Solar System Object detection, Exoplanet Discovery, Atmospheric Studies and Fast Time Resolution Astrophysics.

Balor combines 2.9 e read noise with an exceptionally fast 18.5 millisecond readout, allowing up to 54fps full frame readout which is perfect for studying solar or atmospheric dynamics. Quantum Efficiency is optimized for broad response across the visible-red-NIR range, with no etaloning effects, outperforming in the area of quantitative photometric measurement. The large 12 µm pixels offer an 80,000 electron well depth and an on-chip multi-amplifier design means the whole photometric range, from noise floor to saturation limit, can be captured with a single image. The wide dynamic range is complemented by enhanced on-head intelligence to deliver market-leading linearity of > 99.7%, for unparalleled quantitative accuracy of measurement across the full signal range. Such capability is ideal for photometric accuracy of light curve measurement across high dynamic range object fields.

Minimizing down-time in astronomy is paramount; not only does Balor avoid the need for a mechanical shutter, Andor is the only camera manufacturer with capability to apply an innovative hermetically sealed, permanent vacuum enclosure design to the sCMOS sensor technology. This uniquely protects the delicate sensor from attack by moisture and other gas contaminants, thus preserving both QE and stable cooling performance year after year, removing the need to have the camera re-pumped.

Balor delivers both Rolling Shutter and Global (Snapshot) Shutter exposure modes, with the latter being used for applications where every pixel across the array must carry the same relative exposure timing correlation, relative to an external timestamp.


New Supplier Announcement! – Photon Systems, Inc.

We are excited to announce that EINST is now a distributor of Photon Systems, Inc.

Photon Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets deep ultraviolet lasers and incoherent sources, instruments based on these sources, and optical and electro-optical accessories for a broad range of applications primarily within the area of analytical and biotechnology sciences instrumentation used in all types of industries.

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Thank You for participating in EINST Annual Calendar contest 2019. As our top prize winner has withdrawn from the competition. We have converted the grand prize – iphone-XR to cash and donate to Children’s Society.

We will be starting our Annual Calendar Contest 2020 in a couple months’ time. We encourage, researchers to send in beautiful images taken in the course of their research and stand a chance to win our grand prize.

New Product – Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT 2

Nanoscribe have just launched The new Photonic Professional GT 2.

High-precision 3D printing with up-to-date solutions 
New features, new tools, and new processes extend the 3D microprinting capabilities of the Photonic Professional GT2 toward the macroscale, expanding the range of applications. The new 3D printer provides user-friendly solutions for multiple scales: The 3D Microfabrication Solution Sets.