SENOP – Hyperspectral Imaging

Senop HSC-2 Hyperspectral Camera is a frame-based spectral system that provides snapshot images in the VNIR spectral range with up to one thousand narrow bands. This unique snapshot camera provides exclusively true image pixels with 1-megapixel resolution without using interpolation. The frame-based approach with integrated positioning and IMU allows easy image stitching for mosaics with high resolution images.

Cloudmind CITMS-50 – 5G Cloud Infrared Temperature Measurement Terminal Cloud

An AI-enhanced, infrared, body temperature monitoring device for rapid detection of high temperature in the human head.This device can provide triage and initial temperature screening for groups of people whose temperature are above the normal extent, and provide high temperature warnings after detection. Application scenarios include relatively small, lower traffic spaces such as enterprise offices,. retail shops, community centers, schools and more.

Cloudmind CITMS-100- Infrared Thermometry AI System

An AI-enhanced, infrared temperature detection and fever warning system for large-scale body temperature monitoring and rapid detection of human fever, symptomatic of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, SARS, Zika, Ebola, MERS, etc. Applications include fever detection and warning in crowded places, such as transport hubs, hospitals, office buildings, malls, grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, and more