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Okolab – Objective Heater

Microscope Objective Heater – stand alone controller
When should I use an Objective Heater

You should use an objective heater, if you:

  • Perform Oil Immersion Imaging with a Top Stage Incubator
  • Use dipping lens with an upright Top Stage Incubator

Why should I use an Objective Heater?

Because, if you don’t, sample temperature will drop due to oil contact with the cold objective, as shown in the following graph.

Step 1: Objective not in contact with Petri 2; Objective Heater Off.

Step 2: Objective in oil contact with Petri 2; Objective Heater Off.

Step 3: Objective in oil contact with Petri 2; Objective Heater on, Offset value 5.3°C.

During the self calibration routine, the offset value of the objective heater is progressively increased, until T2 reaches the desired set point temperature of 37.0°C.

Figure 3 reports the profile of T1T2and of Objective Heater Temperature during the experimental campaign described above.

  • Temperature controlled heating band
  • Easy installation around the objective
  • Fits any objective on the market
  • Compatible with the following OKOLAB Controllers:
  • UNO-T-H-CO2
  • Compatible with Inverted and Upright Microscopes
  • Self Calibration Routines
  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Power: 13 W