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Okolab – Microscope Stage Top Chamber

The Microscope Stage Top Chambers fits in the XY stage or Piezo insert of the microscope, connects to Okolab Temperature, Gas and Humidity Controllers and creates the proper environment for live cell imaging right on the microscope stage.

  • Temperature Range: from 3°C above ambient to 60°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C in sample feedback mode, ± 0.3°C in chamber feedback mode
  • Compatible with: Bold Line T, UNO Combined and H401-T Controllers
  • Chambers available for any XY stage / piezo insert
  • Embedded temperature sensor in heated glass lid and in chamber body
  • Interchangeable magnetic inserts allow to host Petri, Slides and MW Plates
  • Magnetic locks hold the Petri, the Slides and the MW Plates in the correct position inside the chamber
  • Perfusion holes available for inlet and outlet of tubes
  • Sliding lid allows easy access to the sample
  • Optional lids are available for Koehler Illumination, laser safety and injection during imaging
ManufacturerModel or stage openingClimate ChamberFixing tool
Applied Precision51-603288-000 Deltavision StageH301-K-FRAMEDV-PA
ASIMS-2000, MS-2000 vFT, PZ-2000, PZ-2000FTH301-K-FRAME
Leica150×150 mm openingH301-K-FRAMEDMSA
Super Z galvo stage for SP5 / SP8H301-EC-LG-BL
Super Z galvo stage for SP5 / SP8 UprightH301-EC-LG-UP-BL
LudlBioPrecision2 – Biopoint 2 seriesH301-K-FRAME
96A602 Piezo stageH301-LUDL-96A602
Mad City LabsZ100/Z500 Piezo stagesH301-MCL-Z100/500
MarzhauserScan IM series (110x160mm opening)H301-K-FRAME
NikonTi-S-E / Ti-S-ERH301-NIKON-TI-S-ER
Ti-S-E / Ti-S-ER + MCL NZ100/200/500-NH301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N
Olympusk-frame opening (110x160mm)H301-K-FRAME
Prior H117N2IXH301-PRIOR-H117
PhysikInstrumenteP-736.ZRO, P-736.ZRN, P-736.ZCO, P-736.ZCNH301-PI-736-160×110
P-737.1SL, P-737.2SL, P-737.5SLH301-MINI
PriorNZ 100/200 on H107H301-PRIOR-NZ100-H107
NZ 100/200 on H117H301-PRIOR-NZ100-H117
NZ 250/400/500H301-PRIOR-NZ500
ThorlabsThorlabs MLS203-1 /MLS203-2H301-K-FRAMETHORPA
Zeissk frame opening (110x160mm)H301-K-FRAME
Upright Microscopesany stage for uprightmicroscopesH301-UP